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Until then, the key words of my professional life: profits, market shares, growth ..... have marked my career. 

What has been my life itinerary ... has over time diluted in favor of my well-being.


The business leaders and employees that I have worked with have rarely escaped stress or even ill-being, just like me. 

Witness of chronic stress which has caused physical and psychological disorders,  I made the decision to be in accordance with my philosophy of life.

This life that I enjoyed, has no longer found its place.  


Endowed with great empathy, I became aware of the fragility of human relations when the balance is upset, by too many professional and societal tensions.

This course brought me many rich educational exchanges, with the key to a better understanding of people and their existential needs.


The transition to massage happened naturally, to be in harmony with myself; the passage of a benevolent communication.


This path that I have built over the years through meditation, energetics, my travels in the world, my approach to alternative medicine, has allowed me to change course!

The wellness massage activity is exciting for me because it makes sense.

Receiving a massage reconnects the body and the mind, giving it too.


I followed a 15-month training course at the Azenday Marseille school.

Graduated & Certified by the FFMBE (French federation of well-being massage),  


The massages I offer are unique, just like my protocol.

I have a great "toolbox" allowing me to choose the techniques  that you need, that I enrich with adapted essential oils, and the energy that I transmit to you.


My well-being massages are appreciated by athletes , people  seeking deep relaxation,  women who want to maintain or regain a firm body with less cellulite.

I use:

organic vegetable oils to nourish and hydrate, your skin will be more supple, more  toned, protected.

organic essential oils  whose specific actions will strengthen the effectiveness of the massage  (except intolerance).

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