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This effective and very invigorating massage uses the best techniques used with bare hands,

in particular the palpate-roll.

It is more of a  deep and powerful work, than a relaxing massage.



The goal is to stimulate circulation and detoxify the lymphatic system.

It acts on all types of cellulite, whether fatty, fibrous or watery.

Helps in hormonal balance

Restores tissue firmness

Smooth skin

Restores tone to muscles

It fights against water retention

It has anti-inflammatory action

This massage should ideally be considered as a cure of 6 to 12 sessions, followed by a monthly maintenance or better every 3 weeks.

Your 100% ORGANIC massage oil is personalized for your treatment , with Essential Oils such as  the  cypress, grapefruit, geranium, Lemongrass, Atlas Cedar ...

The massaged parts of the body are the legs, arms, back, waist and stomach.

If you want, I target 1 or 2 areas depending on your goal, for greater  efficiency.


This slimming massage can be a little sensitive to the touch for some people, but the results will be there! The dimples are reduced and your skin is firmer.

It is essential to opt for a healthy lifestyle in addition to your treatment.

I give you tips and tricks that have been proven!


Method of massage and acupressure of reflex zones located at the level of the feet, flexions and flexibility, sliding touches and enveloping maneuvers up to the knees.
Historically, this massage dates back over 2,500 years in Chinese medicine and in Egypt. Then it was adapted and spread by Buddhist monks.

He arrived in Thailand in the 2nd century BC, where he became part of traditional Thai medicine.

Dr. Fitzgerald, an American physician at the beginning of the 19th century, developed it in the West.
It relates the 7,200 nerve endings of the feet to the organs, and defines a mapping of reflex zones called Fitzgerald zones.

They crisscross the feet lengthwise in 10 zones and 3 transverse lines.
They make it possible to locate the organs or parts of the body.


Plantar reflexology uses the resources of the body and responds to the many interior, emotional, psychic, physiological and energetic disorders caused by daily stress.

Thanks to reflexology, it is possible to strengthen energy and balance all the organ systems of the body.



It is a massage with oil or camphor cream. 

You are lying on a table.

The Thai foot reflexology massage is practiced from the toes to the top of the knees.

Like Thai practitioners, in addition to finger pressures, I use a wooden stick to complete the pressures, which I adjust according to your sensitivity.

From Thai "Nuad" meaning "massage" and "Bo'Rarn" meaning "traditional", this ancestral Thai traditional massage takes its origins from Shiatsu, Indian massage and yoga.
It is taught by the monks in the Bangkok temple “WAT PO” and at the Chiang Mai hospital.
I practice the one taught in northern Thailand in Chiang Mai, which is milder than the one taught in the south of the country.
It is a practice which acts on the sen lines, eliminates toxins, revitalizes the organism, rebalances energies.

Its origin would come from India and would have arrived in Southeast Asia more than 2,500 years ago.
Its founder would be the doctor and grand master of pharmacopoeia
Shivago Kormapaj, it seems a friend of Buddha


Very rich, it consists of acupressions with the thumbs, palms and elbows, or acupressure to restore Tchi, kneading the muscles to remove muscle tension, and percussion. The stretches are inspired by yoga.

It circulates Tchi, maintains vitality, provides deep relaxation and allows you to let go, soothing the mind.

It releases energy blockages.

Its objective is to achieve body / mind harmony, thanks to the maneuvers exerted on the energy lines.

It allows you to feel your muscles well by releasing tension, it softens the joints and restores flexibility to the body and mobility, it makes the legs deflate.



A traditional Thai massage session always begins with the ritual of refreshing the feet; 

This traditional Thai massage is performed on the floor , on a comfortable futon.

The recipient's body is fully covered by his clothing. Comfortable clothing is essential.

The work is done on the pressure points, the energy lines, the basic forces of the body.

The touch is precise and is accomplished in a particular swinging posture of the masseur, on the recipient's breathing.



If you have a hip replacement, the labor will be very gentle.

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